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Community Videos

This page provides a list of videos containing tips and tricks for using the SAP Community -- to enhance your overall community experience. Featuring members of the SAP Community team, these short videos cover topics such as participating in questions and answers, getting started with blogging, and managing your privacy settings and other parts of your member profile.


Changing Your Privacy Settings on SAP Community

In this video, you will learn how to change your account privacy settings to opt in to display your profile publicly -- so you can participate fully in SAP Community.

Getting Started with Blogging on the SAP Community

Learn the rules of the road with this video on blogging guidelines and rules of engagement in the SAP Community.

Blogging Best Practices: Find Your Voice

When blogging on the SAP Community, be sure to share with your audience who you are and why your voice is important for your topic. Learn more in this video.

Blogging Best Practices: Three-Act Structure

This video will show you the simple formula for preparing an easy-to-read blog post on the SAP Community.

Profile Overview

This video provides a one-minute overview of the universal profile used in SAP Community.

Uploading a Profile Photo

This tip shows you how to upload a photo to your profile in SAP Community.

Finding Content You're Interested In

This video shows SAP Community members how to find specific content such as blog posts, Q&A, and topic pages.

Engage with Comments and Answers to Your Questions

In this video, you'll learn how to engage with fellow community members with comments and answers to your questions.

How to Get Started with Q&A to Answer Questions

This video shows how to use the Q&A system in the SAP Community to search and follow tags, as well as how to submit answers to questions.

Missions and Badges

In this video, you'll learn how to get started completing missions and earning badges on the SAP Community.

Homepage Overview

This video provides an overview of useful components in the SAP Community homepage.

Using Bookmarks

This brief video will show you how to create and manage bookmarks for individual questions, blog posts, and tags (including user tags).

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