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ABAP Community Events

In recent years, several ABAP Community Events have evolved. Every ABAP Community Event Format is structured to help attendees share knowledge, to learn new SAP technologies together, and to hone their skills.

ABAP Community Events are not conferences! The rules are different, and attendees actively take part in the coding experience: no passive lectures, only active participation. ABAP Community Events are full day (usually from 9 a.m.-5 p.m.) intensive practice events, focusing on the fundamentals of software development, modern ABAP, and design – away from the pressures of “getting things done.”

The events are organized by the community, low-cost, often sponsored or even free for attendees, and very informal. Anyone who is interested may participate.

ABAP CodeRetreat

The ABAP CodeRetreat was the first event format in this category. It was invented by Damir Majer and Prof. Dr. Christian Drumm, who adapted this format from the Code Retreat Format. This FREE community-driven event allows participants to practice TDD, clean code, and refactoring using ABAP development tools (aka. ABAP in Eclipse) for a whole day.

abap code retreat

ABAPGit BunKai

The second Community event format is ABAPGit BunKai, which was founded by and is supported by Christian Günter, Prof. Dr. Christian Drumm, Damir Majer, Sascha Junkert and Johannes Konings. This event is a deep dive into different topics, giving attendees the opportunity to practice Git foundations, branching, pull and push requests, collaboration with Git and best practices, using version control and related tools and frameworks to support continuous testing, continuous collaboration, and related topics for the entire day.

abapgit bunkai

Want to organize or host an ABAP Community Event?

Get in contact with one of the event facilitators or send us a message via Twitter: @ABAPCodeRetreat or @ABAPGitBunKai

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