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SAP IQ free downloads: Choose the right fit for you

Get actionable intelligence delivered at the speed of business – with SAP IQ analytics server. Transform the way you compete to win.

Choose the SAP IQ solution that best fits your business requirements – and download today.


SAP IQ Express Edition

Perform interactive analysis and ad-hoc queries extremely quickly, using off-the-shelf query tools. For data scientists and developers, this edition is for education and testing purposes only, with a data store of 5 GB.

SAP IQ 30-Day Trial Evaluation

Get a 30-day full-use evaluation of SAP IQ. Gain Big Data analytics support with a native MapReduce API, advanced and flexible Hadoop integration, PMML support, and new APIs for proprietary analytical libraries.


SAP IQ Quick Start Guide


Getting started with SAP IQ server

This how-to booklet will help you learn the basics and get started with SAP IQ as quickly as possible. You do not need to go through all of the lessons. After completing the first three sections you will have a running SAP IQ database (Don't worry…the course comes with a database schema and data ready to load).


Please download the zip file for all the "Metadata, Data and Queries for Lessons in the Quick Start Guide"


To benefit from this book, you should be familiar with the following concepts:

Relational database systems

Database schemas


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