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Learning Hub, academic edition

The central entry point for academia for all available learning materials provided by University Alliances, openSAP and Learning Hub, student edition.

Please note!
The Learning Hub, academic edition is an exclusive offering for lecturers of SAP University Alliances member schools. Registrations from outside the UA community will not be approved.
SAP University Alliances members can request via this form the access to the Learning Hub, academic edition.
If you already have an SAP user (S-user or P-user e.g. from registration at SCN, or the Service Market Place), please click the login button on the upper right corner of the site and enter your SAP-user/Email and password. In this case several fields will be prepopulated with your data and you only need to provide the missing information. Required fields are marked with “*”.
If you do not know your SAP-User, please reach out to and the user will be provided to you.
If you don’t have an SAP User yet please fill out the required fields below to get access to the Learning Hub, academic edition.

Please use your university email address to register if possible! This will simplify the approval process!

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