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Midmarket Strategic Initiatives:

A Value Network for Middle Market Growth across Private Equity, Advisory, and the Partner Ecosystem

Explore how the SAP Mergers and Acquisitions Ambassador Program and the SAP Technical Advisory Program provide you the resources for value creation

Private Equity in the Midmarket with SAP

SAP understands the role private equity plays in the midmarket and with high-growth companies and has created a team focused on serving the needs of private equity firms and their portfolio companies. We understand your challenges and provide best-in-class services to help you reach your goals.

We inform you

External ambassadors providing insights to private equity, selection, and advisory firms.

We enable you

We provide industry, intent, and install base data to private equity firms, as well as product and industry expertise.

We engage with you

We orchestrate relationships with private equity firms and midmarket companies. 

How Do We Bring Value to Your Private Equity Firm?

Building relationship capital throughout the investment lifecycle – from pre-close to exit

Access to a network of resources across SAP, the SAP ecosystem, and advisory organizations

Ensure de-risked acquisitions due to technology disruptions

Ensure increased operational efficiency 

SAP Midmarket Strategic Innovations Programs

SAP M&A Ambassador Program

The SAP M&A Ambassador Program is a consortium of SAP and SAP Partners servicing the Private Equity Operating Partner throughout the investment lifecycle, from the due diligence process to the exit.

Each SAP M&A Ambassador has been selected to be part of this program because of their strengths across industry and solution sets. This program works collaboratively to:

  • Increase your resources with one SAP relationship
  • Optimize your current portfolios technology
  • Introduce the right partnerships to help accelerate value creation

SAP Technical Advisory Program

SAP is interlocking advisory and technology, allowing for greater collaboration and strategic value creation with private equity firms. We have partnered with advisory firms and are enabling them on SAP capabilities across industry and line of business. The program’s foundation is built on relationship capital through solution education, demand generation, and new engagements.

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