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Intelligently Connecting People, Buildings and Businesses

Real Estate Innovations

SAP’s open platform enables partners to seamlessly complement our offerings with the most technologically advanced solutions

Transforming Data Into Insights

Honeywell and SAP Partner to Improve Building Performance with Integrated, Cloud-Based Business and Operational Technology Data.

Real Estate in a Box

SAP partners with WIPRO to provide maximum value to tenants, properties owners and operators by leveraging intelligent technologies.

Seamless Tenant Acquisition Management

Wipro's Tenant Acquisition Management (TAM) solution enables a seamless, real time and consistent experience to leasing agents to perform Lead to Lease activities addressing challenges of disjointed sales due to disparate systems and lack of real time integration between them.

The Intelligent Enterprise for Real Estate

Intelligent Enterprises use the latest technologies to turn insight into action across the business – in real time. As a result, they accelerate data-driven disruption and process automation, launch new business models, deliver exceptional experiences, and more

Streamline your residential and commercial real estate processes

Rethink your commercial and residential real estate management by streamlining your real estate management processes with contract management, real estate objects management, and space optimization.

Optimize the Management of Your Corporate Real Estate Assets

SAP Cloud for Real Estate offers a modular, open platform that provides the real-time information needed to oversee occupancy and utilization, related costs, and impacts on employee productivity.

Want to learn more?

Our solution Owner breaks down the next generation corporate real estate solution that optimizes your real estate portfolio as well as managing workspace and lease contracts.

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