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Make every moment matter for utilities customers

Customer Experience for Utilities: Every Touch Point Counts

Learn how to maximize CX across every function in your utility business, from customer service, to marketing, to e-commerce. Enhance experiences across every channel to drive new business, customer loyalty, and lasting brand value.

Turn Utilities Customer Service into Amazing Experiences

Learn how to succeed in your customer service and self-service initiatives, to dramatically improve customer satisfaction and net promoter scores while reducing cost-to-serve.

IDC: Execution at Scale in Utilities: Digital Commerce

Get actionable insights from IDC and SAP for fixing fundamentals, scaling capabilities, and improving customer experience through innovative, modern digital commerce.

Winning Utilities Customers with Value-Driven Marketing

Read this IDC report to learn how to build internal support, set priorities, create a strategic roadmap, and drive success for your digital marketing initiatives.

Utilities customer experience: Stories from the front lines

From AI-driven self-service, to advanced digital commerce and marketing strategies, learn how today’s utilities businesses are harnessing digital customer engagement solutions to supercharge CX, revenues, and lifetime brand value.

Webinar: Turn utilities customer service into amazing experiences

Experts from IDC, SAP, and SEW show you how to improve customer effort, satisfaction, and net promoter scores, while reducing cost to serve, through modern, cloud-based services.

Engaging customers with self-services

Learn how OG&E delivers a great customer experience through multichannel self-services designed for utilities.

Enabling energy freedom through business alignment

Learn how a 100% renewable energy company transformed its culture and technology to encourage sustainability and grow the business.

Utilities customer experience: In the news

See real-world examples of utilities companies delivering on their brand promises through innovation and customer-centric thinking to become next generation intelligent enterprises.

The X Factor in the Power Market’s New Math

Learn how energy companies are utilizing experience management to reinvent customer relationships and drive growth.

Utility’s Connection with Customers Transforms Its Business

Read how Duke Energy engages with and empowers its customers to build trusted relationships.

Utilities solutions from SAP Customer Experience

Accelerate your utilities customer engagement programs with cutting edge SAP solutions for optimized self-service, e-commerce, digital marketing, and more.

SAP CX Self-Service Accelerator for Utilities by SEW

Utilities customers would rather click, tap, or type than sit on hold. See how our self-service accelerator can help you deliver a five-star, cross-channel service experience.

SAP Commerce Utilities Accelerator: Powering Profitability

In a market driven by decentralization, deregulation, and decarbonization, the SAP Commerce Utilities Accelerator can help you better engage and build loyalty with customers.

Ready to learn more?

SAP customer experience solutions for utilities

Learn more about how our cloud-based solutions power the world’s best run utilities enterprises, with solutions for customer service, e-commerce, and digital marketing.

Integrated solutions for utilities from SAP

Learn about all SAP solutions for utilities, including enterprise asset management, meter, energy, and water data management, and bill-to-cash capabilities.

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