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On-Demand Replays

Whether you wanted to re-listen to the conversations or were not able to attend live – we’ve got you covered! Listen to the on-demand replays below.

October 14: Terri Von Lehmden, VP of Human Resources, Toyota

VP of Human Resources, Terri Von Lehmden discusses how Toyota is navigating industry-wide transformation towards mobility by building out a robust next gen workforce. 

September 3: Jason Averbook, CEO & Co-Founder, Leapgen

With leaders challenged with knowing how to manage workforce investments due to the global pandemic, hear Jason discuss opportunities ahead and share effective strategies for 2021 planning.  

June 11: Paul Lafata, CEO - Daimler Lab 1886 USA

How do you innovate and grow through COVID 19? We will talk with the CEO of Daimler’s Lab1886, an independent innovation lab with a mission to identify, incubate and launch new businesses.

June 4: Eric Stine, Global Customer Success - SAP

The Domino effect: employee, consumer and brand experience are inextricably connected.  Hear from Eric about how companies are keeping a pulse on these aspects vital to their immediate health.

May 28: Ellen McGirt, Senior Editor Fortune Magazine, co-chair The CEO Initiative - FORTUNE

Fortune has a front row seat to how corporations are forever changed by COVID-19. Tune in to hear Ellen McGirt, senior editor at Fortune, views on diversity and the new workforce.

May 21: Lori Iventosch-James, Senior Director Customer & Market Research - GoDaddy

Small business has taken a big hit during the pandemic, making major changes to survive. Hear how GoDaddy has been instrumental in supporting changing business as well as bringing “side hustles” to life.

May 21: Karine Boullier, Global Head of Communication for Industrial Affairs - Sanofi

Sanofi is at the forefront of fighting COVID 19, and helping lead the way by creating as many paths forward as possible. Hear how they connecting, collaborating and communicating through this time.

May 14: Rob Hanlon, SVP & CIO – TreeHouse Foods Inc.

Resilience, perseverance and safety is important right now, particularly for the food industry. Hear from Rob Hanlon, SVP & CIO at TreeHouse Foods, Inc., to get the behind the scenes on how COVID-19 has affected a food producer and supplier, and the grocery stores we rely on.

May 7: Gina Savarese, Social & Environmental Compliance Leader – HP, Inc.

The global pandemic has highlighted how interdependent our world has become. Gina discusses how to adapt and maintain focus on sustainability and environmental responsibility during a worldwide crisis.

April 30: Emily Lyons Soelberg, VP IoT Product Management – AT&T

Emily Lyons Soelberg, VP IoT Product Management at AT&T, discussed how dependency on connectivity has never been higher and it’s been impacted now and in the future of work and living.

April 23: JD Hoye, CEO - NAF

JD Hoye, the CEO of NAF, discussed how graduating students entering the workforce have been impacted during the pandemic, how to leverage early talent, and the skills the workforce of the future may need.

April 16: Claude Silver, Chief Heart Officer - VaynerMedia

Listen to a conversation covering challenges with supporting employees while adapting to unforeseen demands, isolation, staying engaged and what our the new normal may look like.

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