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Fuel transformation with Data Strategy

The current situation


Of companies have failed to create a data-driven organization


Of large enterprises the office of the CDO (chief data officer) will be seen as a mission-critical function by 2021.


Of customers want SAP as a strategic advisor on innovation projects

Unlock outcome-driven transformation

Become a powerful change agent. Leverage enterprise data strategy as a blueprint for creating a data-driven culture that harnesses the power of data and analytics to achieve business outcomes.

Harness the power of enterprise data and analytics

The best data strategies are tailored to an organization’s unique circumstances, culture, and data maturity.

Become a powerful change agent

Learn about the essential role of the chief data and analytic officer in ensuring successful business transformation

Create a culture of data intelligence

Create a culture of data. See how practical, pragmatic data governance creates value at Corning Optical

Develop a data strategy that directly supports your business priorities


The data strategy champion makes the case inside the company that a business outcome-driven data strategy is needed. 


Data strategy champion develops draft of business outcomes based on company goals, financial statements websites, and more.


Team creates an end-to-end data architecture and the technical solution roadmap that will enable that data architecture.


Team funds an on-going program of deploying projects, measuring success, and communicating results.

Ready to take the next step?

Learn how to be a strategic partner to your senior executives by creating an outcome-driven data strategy that supports your unique business priorities.

Outcome-driven data strategy master class

An outcome-driven data strategy is essential, because modern business strategies depend on data for success. You need a data strategy to prioritize this mountain of work. The data strategy outlines all the data capabilities that have to be built to achieve your business outcomes. Join Maria Villar in this master class on outcome-driven data strategy.

Download the master class workbook

This workbook accompanies the masterclass video playlist. In detail, defining business outcomes, process to data strategy and more. 

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