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Tap into the future of direct-to-consumer marketing

Direct-to-consumer: The future is now for consumer brands

The old marketing playbook doesn’t work in today’s consumer products industry. Instead, you need an omnichannel direct-to-consumer strategy for influencing buying decisions and strengthening customer loyalty.

Discover the latest D2C marketing trends

As D2C e-commerce sales rise, how can your brand make the most of this opportunity? Get insights from top brands in this D2C Marketing Trends Roundup from eMarketer.

The Future of Consumer Products – Direct-to-Consumer

How can you best connect with consumers digitally to boost customer loyalty and revenue? Find best practices and data-driven recommendations for going direct-to-consumer in this e-book.

Dive deeper into a winning direct-to-consumer marketing strategy

Explore the three strategic goals for enhancing customer engagements, prioritizing a first-party customer data strategy, and building relationships that last.

Meet customers where they really are

Discover new opportunities to understand your customers’ intentions and design engaging experiences.

Capture demand by optimizing consumer intent

See how to leverage targeted messaging and digital channels as part of a holistic strategy that uses traditional and new marketing to drive demand along the path to purchase.

Build relationships with consumers beyond first sales

Ready to deliver exceptional experiences that sway purchase decisions? Learn best practices for strengthening loyalty, boosting retention rates, and growing your customer base.

Join the conversation about personalized customer experiences

Get the latest on key trends impacting the direct-to-consumer revolution.

Personalizing consumer products

A crucial part of building customer loyalty and satisfaction is personalizing the customer experience. So, how do consumer brands do this? We’ve got the answers in this webcast.

Navigate the brick-and-mortar resurgence

As consumers return to physical stores, here’s how you can make the in-store brand experience reinforce the online experience you offer.

Becoming an equality fit brand

Consumers want brands to embrace real-world diversity. How can your company act fast and with purpose? Find out here.

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