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New directions for a changing world

Think Tank is a collaboration by SAP and global strategic partners to help you move forward from COVID-19 and get back to business.

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Proud Think Tank contributor
Proud Think Tank contributor

Get back to best with an intelligent enterprise

From pandemic management to sustainability, industries are changing the way they do business to be more resilient and agile. Learn how leaders are navigating challenges and emerging stronger than ever before. 

How Artificial Intelligence can serve the world

AI: a tech trend or a fundamental shift in how we live and interact? Join experts from SAP, Intel, and Microsoft for a fascinating discussion on how AI can serve the world.

Changing the world one patient at a time

Imagine if you had terminal cancer and personalized medicine could provide exactly what you need to heal. It’s already possible. Discover how Infosys is making it happen. 

4 Trends to Help Business Rebuild and Rebound

Accenture provides a roadmap for navigating businesses through uncertainty and pinpoints four key technology trends that can help.

Reshape stronger, smarter supply chains

The World Economic Forum has called out the urgent need to modernize outdated supply chain systems. Learn how companies are building resilient, agile supply chains that are best for their businesses.

How to fix a broken supply chain

During the global pandemic, 75% of companies reported supply chain disruptions. Learn how IBM and SAP are working to help supply chains recover.

How to build resilience into supply chains

In this time of supply chain disruption, join PwC and SAP to hear how your organization can boost resilience with strategies centered on agility, adaptability, and alignment.

Coats: Pivoting to PPE in response to COVID-19

Learn how the world’s leading thread manufacturer transformed its 265-year old business with Microsoft and SAP to meet the global demand for PPE, following the outbreak of COVID-19.

Forge intelligent businesses and meaningful experiences

Uncover creative approaches and advanced technologies that will strengthen business resiliency, enhance customer experiences, and help pave the way forward to recovery and greater innovation.

Harnessing the power of data to battle COVID-19

Learn how Intel and SAP help Mercy, a regional healthcare system, turn unstructured data into actionable insights about coronavirus.

Empowered patients are accelerating digital healthcare

A Capgemini survey shows attitudes toward healthcare changed in 2020. Learn how the rapid adoption of digital healthcare may alter other aspects of the healthcare industry. 

How agile commerce has become a critical business need

The pandemic has forced companies to rethink the way they do business and adjust sales and delivery models quickly. PwC and SAP discuss why agile commerce is crucial in the COVID-19 era.

Build an engaged and empowered workforce

Some of the most pressing issues facing humanity today can be altered by how we respond to them. Help protect the health and well-being of your employees while keeping safety and productivity top of mind to get employees back to best.

The evolving role of the CHRO

Hear from Microsoft’s Chief People Officer and SAP SuccessFactors’ President on how the role of the CHRO is evolving to coach and care for employees during times of crisis. 

Training entrepreneurs for the future of work

Many entrepreneurs learn by failing because schools traditionally don’t teach an entrepreneurial mindset. Discover how EY is changing that by training future entrepreneurs. 

How Microsoft is reactivating its workforce

2020 has proven the value of corporate crisis management. Learn how a crisis management team is helping Microsoft navigate the global pandemic. 

Envision a strong, resilient, and sustainable future

Drive your business back to best with the support of transformative business processes, on-premise or in the cloud. 

Accenture’s Journey to SAP S/4HANA

What do CEOs talk about one-on-one? Find out what Accenture CEO Julie Sweet thinks of SAP S/4HANA in this frank discussion with SAP CEO Christian Klein.

Renewable Energy Powers the Future of the Auto Industry

Environmentally-conscious buyers are boosting demand for sustainable transportation. Learn how IBM and SAP help Volkswagen Sachsen GmbH deliver e-mobility with low eco-impact.

Post COVID-19: The road to recovery

Have you thought about your long-term recovery strategy? Accenture shares a plan to identify risks, understand stable areas of your business, and open new paths to revenue.

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