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New directions for a changing world

Think Tank is a collaboration by SAP and global strategic partners to help you move forward from COVID-19 and get back to business.

Proud Think Tank contributor
Proud Think Tank contributor

Business strategies for the intelligent enterprise

From pandemic management to sustainability, industries are changing the way they do business to meet the world’s challenges. Learn how leaders are navigating challenges and emerging stronger than ever before. 

Facing tough leadership decisions

Remember when Netflix decided to bump fees by 60%? SAP and Microsoft present Netflix founding exec Mitch Lowe on the wrong way to make decisions & lessons learned by companies facing crises.

Ask Me Anything with Mitch Lowe, former Netflix exec

Learn how Mitch Lowe, founding executive of Netflix, responded to questions around disruption, culture, innovation, and the need to make tough decisions during his time at Netflix.

Resilience and reinvention in the new normal

Watch this webinar with executives from SAP, Accenture, and Microsoft to discover how businesses are leveraging technology to be more resilient in times of change.

Reshaping stronger, smarter supply chains

The World Economic Forum has called out the urgent need to modernize outdated supply chain systems. Learn how companies are building flexible, resilient operations.

Managing distribution in volatile times

Learn how SAP partners Uber Freight and project44 identify and collaborate with freight carriers and inventory suppliers to help survive in the current environment. 

Reinvent your supply chain with a digital twin

Get the latest supply chain insights and practical help from Deloitte and SAP experts to better manage supply chain disruptions and prepare for what comes next. 

Megatrends and technologies impacting how we live and work

Uncover creative approaches and advanced technologies that will strengthen business resiliency and pave the way for greater innovation.

Responding in crisis: Riding the waves of change

Rachel Mushahwar, Intel VP and one of the most admired women in tech, takes us through the four waves in a crisis and how this will change both consumer behaviors and business. 

Helping families in need access critical resources

School closures. Rising unemployment. Millions struggling to meet basic needs. Learn how SAP, Intel, and GENYOUth are using technology to help students and families in need. 

Building an engaged and empowered workforce

Some of the most pressing issues facing humanity today can be altered by how we respond to them. How can we support people and communities to these in turbulent times?

Forge an engaged workplace with a remote workforce

Join this energetic session presented by Intel and Robert Richman, former Culture Strategist at Zappos, to learn how to quickly build a high-performance workplace – even from a distance. 

How to connect and lead in turbulent times

Human connection is vitally important for our health and well-being. Discover how empathetic leadership and innovative technologies are central to organizational success. 

Transforming the employee experience

Discover how EY transformed its own employee experience to help lead other companies through the same HR evolution.

Envisioning a strong, resilient, and sustainable future

The power of collaboration and digital transformation to drive value and build resiliency in a world of change. 

Keeping cities operating during a crisis

See how EY and IVAGO are using real-time data to help municipalities adapt plans and shift resources to keep essential services operating.

A catalyst for change in your finance transformation

Discover how central finance can drive change across your organization in this conversation with representatives from SAP, Accenture, and Cargill.

Continuous innovation as a core philosophy

Learn how Capgemini and De Nora used innovative leadership and remote technology during the pandemic to keep their sustainable business implementation on track.

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