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Spatial Solutions from SAP: Integrate spatial solutions with your enterprise applications

Act with Live Spatial Intelligence

Gain situational awareness by enriching business data with spatial data and analyzing it in context

Supercharge Your Business Applications with Spatial Analytics from SAP HANA

Find out how you can use spatial analysis to get greater insight into your data to make smarter, faster decisions, save time and money, and increase revenue with SAP HANA spatial processing.

SAP HANA as an Enterprise Geodatabase

Discover how SAP HANA provides real-time geo-enabled analytics across huge volumes of spatial and business data, and how you can benefit from SAP HANA as the Esri ArcGIS enterprise geodatabase in cloud, on-premise, or hybrid deployments.

Unleash the Power of Geospatial Information in the Intelligent Enterprise

SAP HANA spatial services allow you to access the results through standard APIs so that you can use geospatial information together with business data inside your applications and analytic solutions. Discover how the solution can add the missing geospatial detail you need for the insights you want.

Create location-aware business apps faster

Innovate faster by using proven integrations for existing geospatial systems and enterprise technologies

Demo: How SAP HANA and Esri ArcGIS Break Down Silos

Watch how SAP HANA and Esri can be used to elevate your organization's geospatial capabilities. In this demo, you'll see exactly what's possible. This demo shows you how an energy supplier can respond quickly and decisively when a natural disaster strikes.

SAP HANA Cloud Free Trial

SAP HANA Cloud is a cloud-native database platform providing a single access point to all your data. Test-drive the powerful features of SAP HANA Cloud and extend your on-premise landscape to the cloud. Or, you can deploy as a stand-alone cloud solution for all your data needs.

Customer Success: Provinice Nord-Brabant

Discover how Provinice Nord-Brabant combined and centralized their data in SAP HANA to create a single source of the truth to serve information needs for the Province's manyfold responsibilities. Combining this information with geographical maps and dashboards based on Esri to make the information easy to access and drill down into for business users.

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