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SAP Webinars: Get a glimpse at how SAP makes business processes more efficient.

Finance Webinars


Advances & Opportunities in Cash Management

Gain insights into the trends in treasury operations and technology solutions. Get a glimpse how SAP Cash Management helps you drill down into global bank balances and cash positions in real-time, removing the need for ‘system hopping’ to understand company liquidity.

Excellence in Finance with Data-Driven Decisions

Learn how finance professionals can use predictive analytics, modeling, and visualization to quickly reveal insights and improve financial performance from strategy to execution.

Reshaping the Finance Function to support the Boardroom

Learn the value of a real-time finance organization, best practices for undertaking a finance function transformation and how CFOs can make better and more sophisticated use of data and influence decision making.


Governance, Risk and Compliance Webinars


Best-in-class Governance, Risk, and Compliance

Discover how Exxaro restructured all its processes to achieve best-in-class governance, risk, and compliance. Learn how the project was executed and managed, why it chose SAP solutions for GRC to support the new processes, and the benefits Exxaro has achieved.

Financial Value of Access Violation Management

Access control – it’s a delicate balancing act. Too much access creates risk and too little slows momentum. Learn how to find the optimum balance using the SAP Access Violation Management application by Greenlight.


Business Planning Webinars


Boosting Shared Services Value with Process Ownership

Explore how and why end-to-end process ownership is driving global business services excellence. Learn how process ownership is impacting service delivery and why the process owner concept is key to creating a holistic approach to process excellence.

Next Generation of Business Planning

Discover the part of the SAP S/4HANA Finance solution that integrates operational and planning data to provide previously unobtainable, real-time insights into business performance.

Why Cloud-based Planning drives better Results

Discover how SAP Cloud for Planning enables people to plan and simulate at any level of detail, with any number of users, at any time in real-time. Hear what analysts are saying about the impact of new technologies such as in-memory and cloud on financial planning and analysis.


Data Visualization Webinars


Visualization for Exploration and Effective Communication

Data visualization expert Alberto Cairo provides practical advice on how to use visualization to explore your data, to choose the best graphic forms to represent it and how to design more effective graphics for your reports, dashboards, and presentations.

Concept-led Approach to Visualizing Data

Learn how to make your data-visuals interesting, impactful, and memorable. Data-visualization expert David McCandless introduces his method of visualizing data and guides you through hands-on exercises that’ll give you a direct feel for this innovative and effective concept-led approach.

Visual Design Standards Improve Analytical Literacy

Learn how visual design standards improve business intelligence project success and enable deeper, more rapid analytical insight for better, faster decisions and less time and expense for the creation of interactive dashboards.


Specific Business Function Webinars


Improve Supply Chain with Data-Driven Decisions

Discover how Cisco is using emerging technologies like Big Data analytics to enhance the value of its supply chain business. Make complex business decisions faster by streamlining and consolidating multiple data sources into a single data platform with the SAP HANA platform.

Improve Sales and Marketing with Data-Driven Decisions

Join this Webinar and learn how analytics solutions from SAP can help your sales and marketing professionals quickly reveal insights to understand customers, optimize demand and lead generation efforts, and identify opportunities that drive results.

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