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Let customers control their digital experiences

In the digital-first landscape, it’s critical to deliver exceptional customer experiences. CIAM makes it easy for your brand to build trusted, personalized relationships, turning unknown online visitors into known, loyal customers.

Discover the value of a frictionless customer experience

The key to expanding your digital strategy is making things easier for your customers. Reimagine your engagements with a CIAM solution for digital identity.

Explore how to offer seamless and personalized engagements

In this interactive digital showcase, explore how an SAP-powered online store can help your business deliver seamless experiences to consumers or business buyers. 

Build customer trust with every engagement

Here’s how to best provide transparency and deliver personal data control to customers while addressing data privacy regulations, such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA).

Trust: The foundation for digital experience success

To build – not break – customer trust, your data privacy strategy needs to be intertwined with your customer experience strategy. Learn more in this webinar. 

Explore how FranklinCovey builds customer trust

FranklinCovey needed a consent and preference management solution to help address data privacy requirements. See how they scaled their global business and strengthened customer trust.

Turn insights into multi-channel engagement

To consistently deliver engaging, cross-channel, and personalized customer experiences over time, you need insights built from consent-based, first-party data. With CIAM, you can delight customers and future-proof your business.

The key to business continuity: Knowing your customer

As channels and touch points expand, you face an unprecedented influx of customer data. Your path forward is a CIAM solution that can unlock the potential of customer data and scale your success.

Cambridge University Press turns insight into action

Here’s how Cambridge University Press delivers the very best services and content to their global customer base using insights built from first-party customer data.

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