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Agile Procurement Insights

It’s time to explore the findings and learn how you, too, can be ready for whatever comes next.

The Road to Ready

Explore these Oxford research reports to understand how 1,000s of global procurement & supply chain executives are driving agility & resilience in their organizations.

Procurement Leaders: Leaders aim higher

What’s in the report:

  • What makes a leader? We identified a group of leaders — about 10% of executives — who stand head and shoulders above the rest. Discover who they are and how they are lighting the way.
  • Boost your impact: What can we learn from the leaders? And how can you, as a procurement executive, drive more value in your organization?

Digital Transformation: Procurement-powered performance

What’s in the report:

  • The call for readiness: How prepared are procurement leaders to navigate this dynamic business environment? The answer might surprise you.
  • The three keys to leaders’ success: Discover how leaders are achieving greater benefits from procurement digital transformation.

Supplier Risk: Getting closer to see further

What’s in the report: 

  • Challenges in supplier risk management: How organizations are managing risk, the challenges they face, and where they need to improve.
  • On the road to better risk management: Seven steps you can take to start managing supplier risk more effectively.

Direct Spend: Close collaboration that goes beyond transactions

What’s in the report: 

  • Three best practices: Three key actions direct spend leaders take to drive better business outcomes. 
  • Raise your game: Six steps you can take to raise your game when it comes to managing direct spend.

External Workforce: Agility isn’t always on the payroll

What’s in the report: 

  • The huge spend category that needs to be on your radar: Only 58% of workforce spend is on employees. Discover who comprises the other 42% and why you should be paying attention.
  • Three key actions to take right now: Discover how you can manage your external workforce to drive better business outcomes.

Services Procurement Insights 2019: The Big Reveal

What’s in the report

  • How organizations are using a broad and growing range of channels to engage the external workforce?
  • What is essential to core operations?
  • Is cost the primary driver for using an external workforce?

Digitally transform your business

Ensure every spend decision fuels your business strategy 

Innovation that Delivers – SAP Ariba

Influence what happens next for your organization. Digitalize and fully integrate your source-to-pay process with market-leading spend management solutions for sourcing and procurement.

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