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SAP Business Application Studio (the next generation of SAP Web IDE) is a powerful and modern development environment, tailored for efficient development of business applications for the Intelligent Enterprise.

Available as a cloud service, SAP Business Application Studio provides developers a desktop-like experience similar to market leading IDEs – including capabilities like command line, integrated debugging, Git and optimized code editors. It also accelerate time-to-market with high-productivity development tools e.g. wizards and templates, graphical editors, quick deployment, and more.

SAP Business Application Studio comes out of the box with a predefined set of browser-based development environments – Dev Spaces, which are isolated “virtual machines” per developer.  Each Dev Space type contains tailored tools and pre-installed runtimes for specific SAP business scenario, such as: SAP Fiori, SAP S/4 HANA extensions, Mobile solutions and more. This simplifies and saves time in setting up your development environment and allows you to efficiently develop, test, build, and run your solution locally or in the cloud.
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