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SAP Transportation Management Demo

Reduce transportation complexity by integrating fleet and logistics management across your network with transportation management software.

Strategic Freight Management

Learn how a transportation management system can help you lower spending and measure shipper- and trade-agreement compliance to optimize freight procurement for multiple modes. Book a transportation management demo for more.

Order Management

Streamline order and process management and dynamically generate optimized, rules-based routing proposals — while using electronic track and trace — to minimize freight costs and improve end-to-end visibility and service. 

Transportation Planning and Execution

Reduce transportation costs, improve cargo handling and achieve on-time delivery with a streamlined process, automated planning and integrated local business views, for faster, more dynamic, more responsive logistics.

Freight Costing and Settlement

Improve the accuracy and transparency of transportation costing and invoicing by automating freight calculations and integrating transportation management and billing data. Get a transportation management demo to see how.

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