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SAP Work Zone for HR

Book an SAP Work Zone for HR demo to see how you can unify the employee experience and unlock productivity with a personalized, digital workplace solution.

Enable people to work smarter and faster from anywhere

Create a complete workspace with a modern user experience for each employee that enables personalized access to everything they need, from tools and data to notifications. Learn by booking a demo of SAP Work Zone for HR.

Engage employees with top-down, two-way communication

Improve transparency, deepen understanding and increase visibility into employee issues with a secure channel for creating and distributing top-down and two-way communication. Book a demo of SAP Work Zone for HR to see how.

Continuous learning, onboarding and cross-boarding

Help employees engage, learn faster, and retain more information with access to remote training and learning. And empower new hires with access to onboarding and cross-boarding communities, and by putting them in direct contact with HR.

Support remote working and improve the employee experience

Maximize productivity by providing employees access to their entire digital workplace remotely from any device. Proactively monitor and improve employee experience by driving outcomes based on operational and experience data.

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