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Better Together: Customer Conversations – a series where customers, partners, and thought leaders discuss solving business challenges with SAP Business Technology Platform 

Episode 2: Realizing Renewable and Sustainable Solutions

In this episode, Hanno Schoklitsch, CEO & Founder, Kaiserwetter Energy Asset Management, and Sally Eaves, CEO, Aspirational Futures, discuss how businesses can deliver for the sake of people, profits, and the planet, as well as the technologies that enable them to succeed. Hanno and Sally join Tamara McCleary for a compelling thought-leadership podcast, and then Hanno joins Timo Elliott for a practitioner's conversation on LinkedIn.

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What is SAP Business Technology Platform?

An integrated and flexible portfolio of SAP technologies that helps customers achieve an intrinsic understanding of data and processes in SAP and third-party applications to quickly turn data into business value.

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