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S&OP can help with fast and informed decisions

Companies have little time to respond to change and during times of unexpected disruptions, timely informed decisions are critical to the ongoing viability of the enterprise.  S&OP can help to address this situation.

Register to hear from Remy Cointreau on their Sales and Operations Planning

Remy Cointreau have complete S&OP process that include:

  • Consensus demand planning with input from sales, finance and operations 
  • Supply demand balancing that quickly identifies bottlenecks 
  • Dashboards with KPI measurements and other visualizations 
  • Process management and monitoring 
  • More informed and more timely decisions that affect the company’s health

Learn more from Remy Cointreau by listening to the webinar and find out more on the fixed scope and duration S&OP implementation offer, available now to help.

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