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Register for the Oxford Economics industry paper to get one step closer to becoming an interconnected public services organization.

This industry paper is based on a new global study amongst 3,000 senior executives, including 300 from the public sector. The study examines how an interconnector mindset impacts organizations by uncovering these keys to success:

  • Simplify processes to reduce complexity
  • Prioritize experiences for employees and citizens
  • Boost secure data-sharing across government and private-sector partners

Discover what Oxford Economics recommends in order to become an interconnected public sector organization.

Additional Resources

An integrated approach pays off

The results are in: Applying a holistic approach can improve business performance and help navigate challenging times. Register to download the Oxford Economics cross-industry research report summary.

Emphasizing your organization's purpose

Leading with purpose is here to stay and must be backed up by action and accountability. Register to read the recommendations from Oxford Economics on how to best align strategic and purpose driven goals.

Transform your organization

Accomplish your mission by creating a more foresighted, automated, data-driven, and citizen-focused organization. Learn how SAP solutions can help.

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