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Research shows that interconnected organizations are more resilient, better equipped to adapt to changing conditions, and impact the bottom line.

SAP and Oxford Economics partnered to survey 3,000 senior executives globally to understand how leaders around the world are adopting a holistic management strategy. Learn about their keys to success:

  • Interconnect and integrate - for more effective and agile operations
  • Prioritize the employee experience - a strong culture can boost performance and attract talent
  • Share relevant data across functions - to help drive productivity and business results

Discover what Oxford Economics recommends in order to get the full value from a holistic management strategy.

Additional Resources

What the research means for your industry

Being an interconnected business applies differently across industries. We’ve broken down the research into 10 industry reports, to further explore the challenges and opportunities.

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Emphasizing your company’s purpose

Leading with purpose is here to stay and must be backed up by action and accountability. Read the Oxford Economics report for insights into aligning strategic and purpose goals.

Building an intelligent enterprise

Intelligent enterprises apply advanced technologies and best practices within agile, integrated business processes to increase resilience, success and sustainability.

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