Discover strategies to leverage IIJA to transform and future-proof your public infrastructure while driving business outcomes

Technology infrastructure is equally important as physical infrastructure to create the most innovative and resilient public organizations that can operate at new levels of service excellence for years to come. This is where IIJA plays a significant role.

Signed on Monday, November 15, 2021, IIJA will provide significant public investment in U.S. transportation networks, broadband, and public works projects.

However, no visionary, nationwide infrastructure transformation or recovery can occur without an ability to work smarter and not harder to modernize technology and upgrade essential administrative systems and processes like ERP, procurement, and HCM to best-in-class solutions. This evolution provides better measurement, visualizations, reporting, and further self-service for anytime and anywhere mobile access.

Download SAP’s e-book, Funding Strategic State and Local Technology Improvements Using the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, to discover how your organization can leverage federal funds and grants to modernize both your physical and technology infrastructure in 2022 and drive business outcomes including:

  • Support a changing workforce
  • Continuously improve sustainability
  • Better understand and act on your stakeholders’ experiences and sentiments
  • Gain better efficiencies through predictive analytics and business process improvements

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