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SAP Logistics Business Network Demo

See how to enable intercompany collaboration and insight and get transparency across the value chain with a logistics business network demo.

Collaborative Logistics Business Network

Break up siloed business operations by collaborating with multiple stakeholders on an open, secure network that tightly integrates with your logistics business processes. Request a logistics business network demo to see how.

Real-time Data and Insights

Improve the efficiency of logistics processes by using real-time information and situational insights to ease decision-making and automate logistics collaboration. Learn more in a logistics business network demo.

Common Communication Standards

Cut the cost of integrating your value chain by applying common communication standards and digitalizing them across your complete network of logistics processes. Learn how with a logistics business network demo.

Global Track and Trace

Optimize your logistics supply chain by monitoring purchase, sales, and delivery fulfilment to get visibility into your goods in transit and notify relevant stakeholders about deviations from the plan. 

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