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Intelligent Spend Management

Managing the complexities of spend management

A strategic, intelligent approach to spend management is critical to optimize spend while increasing business agility. To fund innovation and manage risk across complex supply chains, you need total control of each spend category as well as a comprehensive orchestration of spending and policies across categories.

Working together to tackle broader business challenges

The mandate of finance, procurement and supply chain leaders is evolving, and you are being asked to work together more closely than ever to tackle broader business challenges. Taking charge of spend management in a holistic way means moving beyond traditional cost-focused metrics and playing a larger role in the success of your organization.

Every source. Every category. One unified view.

When your total vendor spending comes together – direct and indirect, travel and expense, services and external labor – finance, procurement and supply chain leaders get control of each spend category and the power to orchestrate spending and processes across categories.

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Intelligent Spend Management – achievable today

With best-in-class solutions for each category of vendor spend, SAP gives you the benefit of decades of experience, learning and innovation, and lets you connect to unmatched supplier networks and ecosystems of third-party solution providers.

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  • Gain total control of spending by tackling the unique requirements of each category and process.
  • Uncover hidden spend and manage each process from end-to-end with in-depth functionality.
  • Connect and collaborate with business partners through unmatched supplier networks.
  • Address unique industry requirements with a wide array of third-party app providers.
  • Deliver engaging employee experiences to drive adoption, guide users to the right decisions and focus on top priorities.

What is your current priority?

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