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Every sector of the utilities industry is facing extraordinary change in everything from customer roles and expectations to different market and regulatory conditions and new types of competitors. 

Based on IDC research, adding predictive capabilities and intelligence to asset management is the industry’s biggest opportunity for transformation, driving results such as:

  • 20%  increase in asset availability with reliability-centered maintenance
  • 15%–20% drop in local maintenance labor costs through benchmarking and predictive capabilities
  • 10% lower decommissioning costs with continuous documentation and data management
  • 12% higher capital returns by collaborating on planned versus operational asset performance

Is your utility business ready to leverage intelligent asset management capabilities?

In this current climate, SAP Asset Manager can provide online and offline access to context-rich visualizations and actionable insights to help you prolong the life of your assets and improve their reliability and performance. Find out how SAP Asset Manager can help you achieve higher levels of workforce safety and productivity.

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