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Increasingly, rail operations are finding that traditional reliance on field personnel and paper records is not enough to track and analyze the integrity, safety, and compliance of their assets and infrastructure. 

According to IDC, moving toward a more predictive and intelligent approach to asset management is invaluable to the future of railways, driving results such as: 

  • 10% boost in mechanical efficiency
  • 20%  increase in asset availability
  • 15%–20% drop in maintenance costs

Is your railway business ready to leverage intelligent asset management capabilities?

In this current climate, SAP Asset Manager can provide online and offline access to context-rich visualizations and actionable insights to help you prolong the life of your assets and improve their reliability and performance. Find out how SAP Asset Manager can help you achieve higher levels of workforce safety and productivity.

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Operating in the Intelligent Enterprise

Maximize asset performance with real-time insights, predictions, and simulations.

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