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Build resilience in the face of disruption with intelligent asset management

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Competition has never been higher in industrial manufacturing. There are more companies competing for the same customer base. And as soon as you add in today’s supply chain disruption, the push for a predictive and performance-based production asset strategy becomes more critical.

According to IDC, the move to a unified and intelligent asset management capability is invaluable to the future of industrial manufacturers, driving results such as: 

  • 10% boost in mechanical efficiency
  • 20%  increase in asset availability
  • 15%–20% drop in local maintenance labor costs
  • 2X growth in spare part turnover rates
  • 30% reduction in total inventory

In this current climate, SAP Asset Manager can provide online and offline access to context-rich visualizations and actionable insights to help you prolong the life of your assets and improve their reliability and performance. Find out how SAP Asset Manager can help you achieve higher levels of workforce safety and productivity.

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Intelligent Asset Management strategy

Discover next-generation capabilities for asset operations and maintenance powered by innovations such as machine learning. Find out more about SAP Intelligent Asset Management, our cloud suite that delivers the future of dynamic, real-time asset operations and maintenance and asset performance management together as one unified solution.

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