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How can SAP help your oil and gas company?

Request a demo of oil and gas solutions from SAP to discover how streamlined, simplified, and standardized processes enable intelligent innovation.

Project orchestration

With a  demo of oil and gas solutions from SAP, you’ll learn how to streamline project logistics; control design and engineering; improve portfolio and project management; and optimize shutdown, turnaround, and outages operations.

Hydrocarbon production with oil and gas solutions from SAP

Learn how to close the field logistics loop with service providers and integrate hydrocarbon production, maintenance, and engineering with an asset manager demo; and discover streamlined management of hydrocarbon finances.

Hydrocarbon logistics

Optimize logistics and execution at every stage of the end-to-end hydrocarbon supply chain to react quickly to market changes, meet retail demand, and increase profitability. Request a demo of oil and gas solutions from SAP for more information.

Operational integrity

Find out how to reduce operating risk, help ensure workforce competency, and gain visibility over spare parts inventory. See how to improve process safety with an asset management demo or track assets with an asset intelligence network.

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