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Demo of Industry 4.0 Technology Solutions from SAP

Learn how to improve operations, incremental revenue, and business models with a demo of our Industry 4.0 technology solutions.

Industrial transformation – solutions for Industry 4.0

Learn how Industry 4.0 technology solutions allow you to gather and analyze data across machines and systems to enable fast, flexible, and efficient processes to produce higher-quality, individualized goods at lower costs.

Focus on customers – mass-customized production

Discover how to build and configure intelligent products for mass-customized production by putting customer input, preferences, and expectations at the center of all you do with an Industry 4.0 technology solutions demo.

Reinvent production – engineer-to-order production

Use intelligent assets, which are dynamically maintained and linked to all processes, alongside intelligent factories (which use data and intelligence to run as autonomously as possible) to drive engineer-to-order production.

Connect the entire company – empowered people

Equip employees with all the tools and information they need by orchestrating sales, service, and logistics processes along with production operations. Learn how with an Industry 4.0 technology solution demo.

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