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See what governance, risk, and compliance solutions can do for you

Learn how to protect your business, manage global trade, keep systems secure, and streamline governance access with a demo of SAP governance, risk, and compliance solutions.

Protect your business with three lines of defense

Learn how to reduce compliance risk with a process control software demo; see how audit management software improves internal audit quality and efficiency; and understand financial risk management and how to manage other risks.

International trade management software

Automate and centralize global trade management and compliance processes to accelerate cross-border supply chains and reduce the effort of assessing business partners against restricted or denied party lists.

Cybersecurity and data protection with SIEM

Keep systems secure by continually monitoring, identifying, and neutralizing cybersecurity threats before serious damage occurs using real-time intelligence built into our flexible tool for security information and event management (SIEM), SAP Enterprise Threat Detection.

Governance access solutions

Streamline how you manage and validate user access with governance software that automates access control and enforces compliance. And simplify identity and access management in complex environments to enable secure access and minimize access risk.

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