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SAP HANA data anonymization

  • Enables customers to utilize personal data without inferring the privacy of individuals.
  • Makes analytics and machine learning scenarios of anonymized personal data possible.
  • Enhances customer’s ROI by leveraging the value of enterprise data that was previously inaccessible.

What is the difference between SAP HANA data anonymization and SAP HANA data masking?

SAP HANA data anonymization

Anonymization (of data sets)

  • Structured approach to protect the privacy of individuals in complex data sets
  • Real-time analytics on anonymized data enables insights into data that could not be leveraged beforehand

SAP HANA data masking

Masking (of attributes)

  • Selectively hide sensitive information from DBAs and power users with broad access
  • Display/hide sensitive information depending on the user role, e.g., for call center employees

Dive into the capabilities of SAP HANA data anonymization

SAP HANA and Data Privacy

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Feature Scope

Understand how SAP HANA data anonymization helps leverage sensitive data.

Feature Details


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Product Documentation

Learn from our experts about development efforts and implementation and read our guide.


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Browse key SAP HANA data anonymization use cases

Gain valuable insight into all your data without compromising data privacy. Bridge the knowledge gap in your enterprise and maintain your customers’ trust. Learn how to use SAP HANA data anonymization to solve business challenges and move ahead of competition.

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