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The Five Recipes for Success

To fulfil the measurement of progress and success, the 5 Recipes for Success is a best practice guide which highlights the right ingredients and key characteristics of CIOs who have been successful in their digital initiatives.


Data: The Heart of Digital Success

Organizations need to think big, embrace change, move quickly, and organize differently to reap the rewards of the digital economy. Check out the checklists in the IDC workbook, sponsored by SAP, to create a short- and long-term action plans and set up your project plan based on concrete recommendations by analysts.

The Information Transformation Checklists

In order to identify gaps in your information strategy, the IDC Checklist Series is designed to lead organizations through the framework of driving Information Transformation. You will be able to develop value from data, identify key opportunities for the business, and reinvent business models for the organization.

Going Digital: It’s All About Information

The prosperity of an organizations' digital transformation greatly depends on how information is applied to future business models. Based on an IT vs. LoB survey,  you can explore the call for using and governing your fastest-growing asset: information. Learn how to harness it as your currency for going digital.

Tech Spotlight: The Digital Platform

Businesses are unlocking the potential of digital investments by applying business logic to innovation with an open, ecosystem-centric, agile, and flexible platform. Learn what this digital platform is and how it can be implemented to change your businesses as well as open the door to new revenue streams.


SAP Digital Business Framework

Building a house starts with a firm foundation. Our digital framework is based on a unified, intelligent data platform that is enterprise-ready, agile, and trusted. It dramatically simplifies the IT landscape and provides an expandable platform for future business innovation.

Learn from businesses running on technology that’s live

Lead your digital transformation with technology that is live

Analytics, data management, cloud, and digital core – these technologies are helping companies transform their business models and create unprecedented competitive advantage. Learn more about these trends to start your shift to a Live Business.

Revolutionize Decision Making with Analytics

Improve insight, discovery, planning, and prediction to answer every question, understand the business, and seize new opportunities.

Unlock Your Data’s True Value with Database and Data Management

Find actionable insights when they matter most. Discover a real-time, simplified way to access, manage, analyze, and act on data.

Create or Extend Applications with SAP Cloud Platform

Build and deploy new solutions or extend existing applications that can help increase worker productivity and customer satisfaction.

Run a Truly Live Business with SAP S/4HANA

Unite your business with the digital world by connecting processes and providing live insights – all with a single digital core.

Tap into the Power and Potential of SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud

Get the flexibility you need to meet your IT and business needs with managed service offerings and customized cloud experiences.

Get on a Clear Path to Digital Transformation

Redefine your business with solutions that match your needs and goals. Explore the SAP Digital Business Services organization.
Digitalist Magazine

Keep up with a trusted source for digital insights; under-the-radar trends; and disruptive companies, thinkers, and technologies.
The Four Secrets to Digital Success

Explore best practices that can help your business accelerate digital transformation and out-disrupt the competition.
Innovation with Real-Time Insights – Watch the Webcast

See why IDC thinks that real-time insights can yield an average five-year ROI of 575% and reap millions of dollars in productivity.
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