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Enhance your digital strategy with SAP Solution Extensions

Accelerate and maximize SAP investment value with SAP Solution Extensions

SAP Solution Extensions for RISE with SAP can Help You Shine

Achieve holistic business transformation on your own terms and timeline. SAP Solution Extensions for RISE with SAP help accelerate and simplify your journey to SAP S/4HANA Cloud.

Accelerate your transformation to the Intelligent Enterprise

Streamline data and document migrations, digitalize processes with intelligently integrated enterprise content management, and unify master data management and governance.

Enterprise Content Management

SAP enterprise content management solutions by OpenText optimize and digitalize processes, helping you work smarter, lower costs, and improve customer experience.

Advanced Data Migration

SAP Advanced Data Migration and Management by Syniti streamlines migrations, drives data quality, and accelerates your move to becoming an intelligent enterprise.

Vendor Invoice Management

SAP Invoice Management by OpenText enables intelligent accounts payable operations and, enabling increased efficiency and optimized processes.

Support Innovation with Fast, Flexible, High-Volume Application Testing

With intuitive and automated testing deployed at scale, SAP application testing solutions by Tricentis can make business and development teams more productive within weeks.

Change Impact Analysis

SAP Change Impact Analysis by Tricentis provides revealing insights into software changes and their effects across your software environment, accelerating testing and improving software release quality.

Enterprise Continuous Testing

SAP Enterprise Continuous Testing by Tricentis automates testing of SAP and third-party solutions and accelerates the delivery of application changes, while reducing business risks and costs.

Enterprise Performance Testing

SAP Enterprise Performance Testing by Tricentis reduces the complexity of performance testing, simulating real-world conditions and helping identify risks and resolve issues quickly to prevent expensive downtime.

Data Integrity Testing

SAP Enterprise Data Integrity Testing by Tricentis provides automated data testing that helps maintain the accuracy of your data – wherever your data travels and whatever happens to it on its journey.

HR and People Engagement

Place people at the heart of the intelligent enterprise transformation, improving engagement across your total workforce. Attract and develop the right talent and provide personal employee experiences.

U.S. benefits administration

Simplify and streamline your online benefits enrollment, employee communications, and administration.

Intelligent HR Document Management and Operations

Centrally store, manage, and create documents as part of the digital employee record, increasing efficiency and reducing costs.

Signature management

Electronically access, sign and send important documents anywhere, anytime and on any device with SAP Signature Management by DocuSign.

Learning content

Help employees achieve their learning goals by enabling them to curate their learning content across platforms and delivery system with SAP Content Stream by Skillsoft.

Time and attendance management

See a rapid return on investment by reducing payroll processing errors and overtime costs while planning more accurate workforce utilization.

Workforce forecasting and scheduling

Optimize employee productivity and schedules while forecasting and planning your workforce requirements.

Absence and leave management

Honor your employees’ leave entitlements while complying with increasingly complex absence and leave regulations.

Understand and engage customers with hyper-personalized experiences

Discover how customer experience solutions can help you attract and retain customers while growing revenue.

Commerce marketplace management

Expand your business vertically and drive enterprise growth by deepening your customer and channel partner relationships with SAP Commerce Marketplace Management by Mirakl.

Dynamic Pricing

Drive efficiency, customer satisfaction, and profits with smart, dynamic pricing optimization software with SAP Dynamic Pricing by GK.

Incentive Administration

Streamline and simplify your rebate, royalty, and incentive compensation programs with SAP Incentive Administration by Vistex.

Omnichannel POS

Drive great in-store customer experiences and build customer loyalty while reducing your total cost of ownership with SAP Omnichannel Point-of-Sale by GK.

Paybacks and Chargebacks

Empower and engage your customers by streamlining chargebacks with SAP Paybacks and Chargebacks by Vistex.

Rights and Royalty Management

Streamline your IP control processes for music or media with the SAP S/4HANA solution for rights and royalty management by Vistex.

Agreement Profitability and Negotiation

Increase profitability by digitizing your entire agreement management process including simulation, with SAP S/4HANA for Agreement Profitability and Negotiation by gicom.

Self Service Accelerator for Utilities

Fast-track your way to better utility customer engagement through improved self-service capabilities online or a device with SAP Self-Service Accelerator for Utilities by SEW.

Connect people, things and businesses with IoT-ready solutions

Discover how customer experience solutions can help you attract and retain customers while growing revenue.


Improve transparency and deliver Industry 4.0 processes across your product development and asset lifecycle management with SAP Teamcenter by Siemens.

Leverage intelligent automation to optimize financial management processes

Extend your SAP Financial Services solutions with SAP Solution Extensions that offer functionality for trade repository reporting, financial close, financial data integrations, streamlined billing, and more.

Account Substantiation and Automation

Simplify your finance operations to increase efficiencies and support better decision-making with SAP Account Substantiation and Automation by BlackLine.

Intercompany Financial Hub

Manage volatility, support mergers and acquisitions, and foster accounting compliance with complex regulations.

Central Finance Transaction Replication

Enable faster, better, and more cost-effective finance implementations by eliminating complex data integrations.

Billing Data Mediation

SAP Convergent Mediation by DigitalRoute: A solution purpose-built to track and orchestrate data that will be used for billing and by other business systems.

Find out how SAP Solution Extensions meet your industry needs

Run your business better, faster, and simpler with these industry solutions from our portfolio.

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