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Business Technology Platform

Raise your enterprise intelligence with solution extensions for our business technology platform. Explore extensions for enterprise content management (ECM), data management, data mapping and protection, and business process mining and optimization.

CRM and Customer Experience

Win in the experience economy by differentiating and growing your business while delivering exceptional customer experiences.

Intelligent ERP

Leverage intelligent automation to optimize financial management processes, and protect your data, system access and business interactions with SAP Solution Extensions.

HR and People Engagement

Place people at the heart of the intelligent enterprise transformation, improving engagement across your total workforce. Attract and develop the right talent and provide personal employee experiences.

Business Technology Platform/ Application Delivery

Manage your application delivery processes with solution extensions for quality, security and performance and load testing, as well as tools for rapid application development.

Digital Supply Chain and Intelligent Technologies

Intelligently connect people, things and businesses with IoT-readiness solutions for digital twinning, device management and HANA integration.

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How Can Accelerated Application Development Help Nurture Business Innovation?
With SAP Rapid Application Development by Mendix, Andritz IT can produce solutions for internal customers very quickly.

SAP Rapid Application Development Service by Mendix

The SAP Rapid Application Development service by Mendix is your solution for low-code development. Discover how the service lets you quickly design, create, test, go live with, and continually enhance innovative business applications – and achieve your organization’s vision for the future.

AkzoNobel BTS

How Can Increased Transparency Help a Complex Business Transform Into a Process-Driven Organization?

How does UNIDO accelerate Inclusive and Sustainable Industrial Development in 130+ countries?

Learn how UNIDO automated and integrated enterprise content processes to improve efficiency and enable a single version of the document.

NRG Energy: How Is Centralized Invoice Management Powering Dramatic Cost Savings?

NRG Energy is seeing US$2 million in early payment discounts captured during the 12 months after solution implementation.

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