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Increase Employee Productivity and Engagement 

Train and enable users of SAP software

To get the best return on your investment, new technology requires the right kind of training, at the right time.  When people are fully enabled to use new software, not only will their productivity increase, but they will deliver significant results to their organization’s bottom line. 

Access the Employee Productivity and Engagement Kit

Effective employee engagement provides people with rewarding experiences in the workplace that drive productivity and greater satisfaction. Put your SAP software users first and unleash great results. Download this Employee Productivity and Engagement Kit and learn

  • Guidance from IDC on recommended training hours for various roles
  • Steps to effective training to enable your users to go live and stay productive
  • How sufficient end user training boosts employee performance by 7 to 13 times*
  • How training delivered 15% improved satisfaction with the deployed solution*

*“How Much Is Enough? Defining How Much Training Is Required to Achieve Maximum Business Value,” IDC White Paper, sponsored by SAP, September 2018.


Employee Productivity and Engagement Kit

Training Best Practices for Employee Engagement and Productivity

Strategies for harnessing high-quality, targeted training to ensure optimum levels of end-user motivation, job satisfaction, and effectiveness.

On-demand Demos: Tools and tips to increase employee productivity and engagement

Receive essential guidance for enabling your users, and see how to keep them productive and efficient thereafter. 

Customer Story: Support more efficient end-user training

See how Dimension Data creates and deploys training materials for over 28,000 employees in 46 countries with SAP Enable Now. 

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