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Effective training for full user enablement

When software projects underperform, it’s often due to a lack of technical training. This has especially serious consequences for digital platforms that require cutting-edge user skills. How can you ensure that your technical roles ‒ including IT, administrators, and project teams ‒ are fully prepared to use and maintain new applications, on time and within budget?

Access Our Guide to Effective Training

According to a recent IDC study, sufficient technical training reduces deployment time by almost a month*. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Our Guide to Effective Training is packed with more findings and practical advice to help you quickly bring implementation teams up to speed.

Access its resources, starting with an informative white paper on optimum user enablement. Follow this step-by-step training blueprint to get your teams up to speed on time and on budget.

*IDC research paper sponsored by SAP: “How Much Is Enough? Defining How Much Training Is Required to Achieve Maximum Business Value,” June 2018

Guide to Effective Training

IDC Infographic: How Much Training Is Enough?

Gain insight into software training’s dramatic business benefits, and get guidance on optimal training levels for various roles.

On-demand Webinars: Tools and tips to build a continuous learning framework

Understand the impact of training on platform deployment. Receive essential guidance for targeting effective training, and see how to apply training to dramatically improve business performance.

Brochure: SAP Software Training and Services for Intelligent Enterprises

Explore this benefit-oriented guide to our full training and enablement portfolio. 

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