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The One Performance Support System that Does it All: Create and deliver time-of-need learning with SAP Enable Now

Surprisingly, 70% of employee learning happens not in the classroom, but on the job. This means that training is much more likely to be effective if delivered right at the point of need. Now there’s a system that does exactly that.

SAP Enable Now provides not just a few, but the full range of performance support capabilities other systems don’t. Workforce Performance Kit explains how SAP Enable Now lets you:
  • Develop courseware for LMS and classroom training
  • Create and imbed time-of-need content in desktop and web apps from any vendor
  • Build content once and repurpose it automatically
  • Automatically translate text-and-visual trainings into different languages

To download your kit, register here and you’ll  get access to:


Best Practices Guide: Training in the Digital Age

Learn how to meet a critical unmet training need: creating targeted learning content and providing it to users precisely at the point of need.

Solution Brief:  The Key to Successful Knowledge Transfer

Discover the cutting-edge platform for quickly and efficiently building and delivering formal, informal, and on-the-job training and performance support.

Comparison Chart: Only One Performance Support System Covers All the Ground

Download this comparison chart to discover how SAP Enable Now provides not just a few, but the full range of performance support capabilities other systems don’t.

Video Demo: SAP Enable Now

In this short presentation, see how SAP Enable Now lets you create specific training content once and reuse it for multiple modalities, including simulation, eLearning, library, and desktop assistant

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