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SAP Asset Intelligence Network Demo

Learn how to optimize asset management and customer service processes by sharing information across an asset intelligence network (AIN).

Collaborative Asset Management

Collaborate seamlessly with business partners by collecting, tracking and sharing asset information; and optimize the deployment, management, and maintenance of equipment by sharing best practices. Book an AIN demo for more.

Centralized Asset Data Repository

A central asset intelligence repository allows you to access all equipment information from one place — discover how to optimize asset management and customer service processes with an asset intelligence network demo.

Asset Performance Feedback

Rapidly share accurate performance analytics with automated asset usage tracking — operators access up-to-date maintenance strategies and manuals from manufacturers; manufacturers automatically receive usage or failure data.

User Adoption and Data Exchange

Accelerate and simplify user adoption with a unified, intuitive user experience; and enable smooth data exchange across enterprise and plant systems by integrating with other SAP solutions. Request an AIN demo for more.

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