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Intelligent Sales Compensation Management: A Resource Guide

Build a resilient sales team

How can you keep sellers motivated in rapidly changing market conditions? Find out how agile incentive compensation management enables your organization to adapt quickly to keep sales reps productive, protect your revenue stream, and focus on growth.

State-of-the-market report

How are your peers handling the challenge of incentive compensation management? Read about key trends in this report from independent research firm Capstone Insights. Uncover insights that can help you adapt and improve sales productivity.

Keeping sellers motivated

Find out how to keep your sales team focused and productive with intelligent commissions that shape the right behavior to match market conditions for financial stability.

Using non-cash incentives & rewards

Connect with your sales team using non-cash incentives, including gift cards and paid-time off. Get best practices for non-cash reward systems.

Adapting sales compensation

Learn how SAP Commissions can help you adjust incentives at scale to reduce sales rep churn, improve productivity, and position you for growth.

Get the most out of your sales incentives

Using a unified, AI-enabled approach to sales performance management will help ensure your sales team remains focused. Learn how you can adjust commissions and territory and quota plans at scale to support evolving corporate goals.

Gaining productivity and efficiency through strategic sales execution

Get insight into the how enterprises can design efficient sales coverage while motivating sales teams with sales plans backed by data.

Using spreadsheets for compensation management: Risks and pitfalls

If you lack agility to react to changing conditions, incentive compensation management can be challenging. This guide explores the pitfalls of spreadsheet management and recommended actions.

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