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image of retail execution with store clerks

CPG Trends: Retail Execution and the Modern Buyer

Build brand loyalty with the perfect store

With nearly unlimited buying options, consumers today expect more than ever. For CPG companies, this presents both a challenge and an opportunity. By delivering the right products at the right price, place, and time, they can win at the retail shelf every time. 

Retail execution: How CPG companies can succeed

Consumer products companies can no longer rely on the strength of their brand alone. Learn how to connect with today’s buyers by leveraging the next wave of technology.

Empower your sales reps in the field

With the right tools for visit planning, preparation, and execution, sales reps can provide customers with an excellent brand experience at each and every store.

Whirlpool: Transforming retail execution

Hear how SAP helps Whirlpool create the perfect store with intelligent sales tools that turn their sales representatives into trusted advisers.

Visit SAP Sales Cloud for more sales performance solutions that improve the sales experience and accelerate the buying process.

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