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Make every moment matter

Every customer touchpoint is an opportunity to deliver an amazing experience.

Connecting the moments

Combining insights from your day-to-day operations (O-data) with customer feedback, sentiments, and intent (X-data) can help you understand what, when, and why things are happening, so you can act in the moment. Today’s CX leaders must:

  • Listen: Collect experience data from customers at every meaningful touchpoint
  • Understand:  Analyze operational and experience data to accurately identify trends and issues
  • Act: Close experience gaps by taking the right action at the right moment to create engaging experiences

Best Practices from Customer Experience Leaders

Learn how companies across industries are listening to their customers, fine tuning their experiences, and finding new opportunities to drive growth.


Learn how this industrial manufacturer is differentiating on customer experience to become the “Amazon of Steel.”


See how this technology supplier’s view of customers went from fragmented to transparent and complete across all sales, service and marketing functions.

New Era

See how New Era is using digital commerce to expand from wholesale to direct-to-consumer, while giving B2C and B2B customers a responsive and intuitive omnichannel experience.

Five trends that will define digital customer experience

The future of B2C customer experience

How can companies thrive in a world where customers themselves specify the terms of the relationship, but then let AI guide their buying journey?

The future of B2B customer experience

As decision-making and purchasing processes rapidly change, how do B2B companies reinvent themselves to lead in the experience economy?

Take the next step

Brands recognize that they need to accelerate their digital transformation journey and focus on building greater agility and flexibility in their e-commerce business. Read this report to learn the key steps to take in the short- to mid-term future.

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