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Your Guide to Delivering Amazing Utility Customer Experience

For utilities, improving customer experience isn’t an option – it’s a must. Yet where to begin? To help you on your customer experience journey, you can download some helpful information. Included is a practical execution guide from IDC on how to succeed in your service and self-service initiatives; improving customer satisfaction and net promoter scores by as much as 25% and reducing cost-to-serve by as much as 30%.

Register for the above and learn how SAP delivers great experiences for utilities’ customers

How to Turn Utilities Customer Service into Amazing Experiences

Read utility analyst IDC’s execution guide for practical step-by-step guidance in delivering outstanding omnichannel customer service experience for utilities customers.

Solution Brief: Deliver the convenience and flexibility of Self-Service

Learn how the SAP Self-Service Accelerator for Utilities by SEW provides self-service capabilities that improve customer experiences and increase operational efficiency.

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