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Smiling woman recognizing the benefits of Revenue-Generating Customer Experiences

Better CX Delivers Bigger Bottom Lines

Build an optimal experience for every single customer

A great customer experience (CX) requires more than new channels and personalization. You must know your customers, where they are, and what they want next.


Explore the latest insights on how data can tie each moment in the customer journey.

Win a competitive edge with your CX

Explore the best practices that can help your business meet customer expectations and maintain revenue objectives throughout the customer journey.

Fantastic customer data at the core. Revenue-generating CX everywhere.

The ripple effect of a great CX runs far-beyond your bottom line. Your customers ‒ and their consumers ‒ also experience extraordinary value that helps scale and strengthen their business in ways nothing else does.

Get to market before your competitors by quickly activating the business model that’s better suited to the customers you want.

Benefit from a comprehensive set of engagement channels, enabling you to be extremely precise in every customer interaction.

Track performance against defined metrics ‒ such as revenue potential and retention ‒ to respond to market needs and trends decisively.

Drive conversions and retention proactively by accurately profiling and segmenting customers based on AI-enabled, real-time insights.

Boost your ROI on every customer interaction by fueling  a personalized CX with first-party, self-served, permission-based data.

Improve productivity and turn every touchpoint into a revenue generator by automating routine tasks faster and more precisely.

Enrich user profiles with vital demand and supply chain data, boosting visibility into inventory, fulfillment, returns, and logistics.

Support any growth goal that your company aspires to reach with every business model, including B2B, B2C, B2B2C, and direct to customer.

Manage each market’s regulatory complexities in a cloud environment with a large geographic footprint and stable global data centers.

Learn more about our CX solutions

Ready to meet the moment?

Watch the simulation to see how a fashion brand makes smart, data-driven decisions and creates personalized offers for its best customers during a viral social media moment.

See the power of SAP Customer Experience

Request a demo of the SAP Customer Experience portfolio to find out how the right tools, knowledge, and collaboration can help your sales, marketing, and customer service teams deliver the best-possible CX.

See how customers are succeeding

Increasing sales rates and streamlining the overall CX

Moen strengthens customer loyalty, while avoiding channel conflict, with digitalized and streamlined service and sales operations that consistently deliver a smooth CX.

Millions of personalized messages sent every day

adidas Runtastic creates personalized experiences and fitness motivation for its global fitness community through a mobile-first approach running on a single platform.

6x faster adding new products to the e-commerce site

Tesco overhauled its online CX experience with an intelligent ERP software and cloud-based commerce solution to quote consistent pricing and value-added customizations.

Co-creating and personalizing the finance experience

Tend makes personal finance easier, faster, and more human by using customer data to provide real-time interactions and personalization not seen in the financial world.

Drive profitable growth by winning over loyal customers. With our integrated and extensible digital commerce platform, you can focus on continuous innovation while simplifying complex operations and minimizing business risk.

Grow revenue by always putting your customers first. Through a common data model with data privacy at the core, you can fuel engagements with trusted, targeted insights that help strengthen conversion, retention, and loyalty.

Boost customer lifetime value through omnichannel, personalized journeys. Implemented quickly and affordably, the customer engagement solution helps you connect with customers directly, driving outcomes across all channels.

Evolve the sales from a business activity to a dynamic process. The cloud-based solution can help you better understand buyers, focus resources, and engage strategically to maximize revenue-generating opportunities.

Deliver outcomes that customers expect by connecting customer service to your entire value chain. With the cloud solution, you can activate the enterprise to deliver its brand promise, securing customer loyalty and revenue.

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