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Elevate Your E-Commerce Marketing Effectiveness

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Create exceptional commerce moments with SAP Marketing Cloud

Drive qualified traffic to your stores, deliver personalized experiences on your customers’ terms, and recapture more abandoned carts. Our multichannel marketing hub solution will help your brand increase revenue and optimize marketing ROI.

Read the report: Getting Marketing Measurement Right

Now more than ever before, your brand needs to build greater agility into marketing planning and measurement. This report explains how to achieve this mission-critical goal. 

Retail commerce marketing trends in the wake of COVID-19

Explore how consumer buying behavior is changing in the wake of today’s uncertainty and how businesses can adapt their e-commerce marketing strategy to meet customer needs.

Learn from commerce marketing leaders

This unprecedented business climate has forced companies to reorient toward a digital commerce mindset. Here’s how SAP Marketing Cloud has helped leading enterprises make this shift and maintain trusted, personalized customer relationships.


See how this market-leading beauty retailer is increasing flexibility and speeding time-to-market as it delivers exceptional e-commerce experiences based on customer data. 


To offer the grocery shopping experience of the future, Valora focused on the full customer journey. Here’s how they digitize processes and place customers at the center of their business.

Boost your e-commerce marketing with SAP Marketing Cloud

Want to personalize customer experiences across your business, build customer trust to develop ongoing relationships, and optimize marketing to drive revenue? Test SAP Marketing Cloud with the full range of applications, including sample data, at your own convenience.

Find deep customer insights with SAP Marketing Cloud

With dynamic customer profiles built from all of the data sources across your organization, you can deliver hyper-personalized engagements. Watch this video to learn more.

Learn more with a free trial

Try SAP Marketing Cloud for free to see how this industry leading digital marketing cloud platform can help your business.

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