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Creating a Destination for Consuming a Plugin

By Daniel Wroblewski

In this tutorial, you will create a destination so that all SAP Web IDE developers using your account can activate and use the plugin. In order for SAP Web IDE to recognize and consume the new feature, you need to create a destination with the application URL of your feature application.


You will learn

  • How to create a destination that points to your plugin

Step 1: Create new destination

In the SAP Cloud Platform cockpit, choose Connectivity | Destination | New Destination.

New destination
Step 2: Add destination parameters

Enter the following parameters for your destination.

Parameter Value
Name mynewfeature
Description My Feature
URL The application URL for your feature (which we saved previously from the SAP Cloud Platform cockpit)
Proxy Type Internet
Authentication NoAuthentication

The parameters for the destination look like this:
New destination

Step 3: Add SAP Web IDE parameters

Add the following SAP Web IDE properties by choosing New Property.

Parameter Value
WebIDEEnabled true
WebIDEUsage feature

The SAP Web IDE properties for the destination look like this:

New destination

Choose Save.

An SAP Web IDE feature extends the functionality of SAP Web IDE and provides new capabilities to your IDE. Such features and plugins have full privileges to access your browser, your computer, and any data stored in your SAP Web IDE workspace or on SAP Cloud Platform, including the ability to read and modify your private and organizational data.
Features and plugins that are not provided by SAP are under the responsibility of the feature author and may have different privacy policies, terms of use, or quality levels. You can enable features and plugins that are not provided by SAP and use them at your own risk. It is strongly recommended that you enable only features and extensions that you trust. At any time and without warning, SAP reserves the right to remove, disable, or uninstall features or plugins that are not provided by SAP from your environment.

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Updated 06/04/2018

Time to Complete

5 Min


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