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Set up Security Groups in AWS VPC for SAP Vora 1.3

By Daniel Wroblewski

Step by step guide to set up security groups in your AWS virtual private cloud for SAP Vora 1.3

How-To Details

This How-to is a step by step guide for setting up security groups in your AWS virtual private cloud for SAP Vora 1.3. This is one-time security group set-up can be used by SAP Vora Cluster instances.

Step 1: Create security group

Log in to the AWS console and select Security Groups from Ec2 services.

Log into AWS

Click on ‘Create security group’. Enter name, description; choose the VPC created for Vora.

Create security group

While creating security group add the Ports as below and click Create.

Add ports
Step 2: Edit security group

Select the newly created security group. Click on the Inbound tab.

Edit inbound settings

Add the same security group as the source for All Traffic. This allows all the traffic within the security group (all instances having this security group can communicate on all the ports)

Now the security group is all set and can be reused while creating a Vora Cluster. While launching SAP Vora Manager AMI use this security group.

Select security groupSelect security group

As long as clusters are created in the same VPC, the same security group can be used. If you want to create another cluster or clusters in other another VPC, new security groups must be created.

Next Steps

Updated 03/04/2018

Time to Complete

20 Min.



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