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SAP CodeJam

Join us for SAP CodeJam and learn how to use SAP’s SDK for iOS, built on Swift, to develop apps that integrate with business systems while leveraging the power of iOS.

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June 5, 2018

9:00 AM to 6:00 PM

San Jose Marriott
301 South Market Street
San Jose, CA 95113


Every hour on the hour our experts will be hosting 55-min hands-on sessions to help you get started with the SDK.


The SAP Cloud Platform SDK for iOS enables you to quickly develop native apps with Swift, that tap into the services and functions available in the SAP Cloud Platform.


Because 76% of the world’s business transactions go through an SAP system and now you can reinvent business processes and workflows with apps that leverage iOS tech and seamless integration with SAP.
          // SAP CodeJam WWDC 2018 Playground
import SAPFiori
import SAPOData
import SAPFoundation
for repeatSAPCodeJamEveryHour in stride(from: 9, through: 18, by: 1) {
    learnAtCodeJam(miniEdition: true, WWDC: .AUX)
func learnAtCodeJam(miniEdition: Bool, WWDC: WWDC) {
    if miniEdition && WWDC == .AUX {
        learn(about: "SAP Cloud Platform")
        learn(about: "SAP iOS SDK")
// What will you be doing on June 5?
func learn(about: String) {
    print("Now learning \(about)")
enum WWDC {
    case AUX
class BuildApp {
    static func now() {
    print("Building app")

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