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Customer Snapshot: Overview

99% of applications Run Simple with SAP

The best safety nets are the ones you don’t have to worry about. IRB Brazil RE has been providing insurance and reinsurance protection for Brazilian companies since 1939, when it was founded with the goal of strengthening the Brazilian economy. With the 2014 World Cup and the 2016 Summer Olympics, Brazil has even more opportunities for growth and international attention, and IRB Brazil RE has been able to serve those growing needs both nationally and internationally.

Of course, with growth comes a need for data management, and that’s where the SAP Run Live approach comes in. IRB Brazil RE now runs almost on 100% SAP solutions, providing an instant snapshot of risks and opportunities on demand.

IRB Brasil RE

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Line of Business
Finance, Human Resources, Platform and Technology

SAP Solutions
SAP Business Warehouse, SAP Digital Business Services (DBS), SAP ERP, SAP for Insurance, SAP HANA, SAP Jam, SAP MaxAttention, SAP Process Integration, SAP Solution Manager, SAP SuccessFactors, SAP Collections and Disbursements for Insurance, SAP Reinsurance Management

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

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Visionary Themes

Run Live, Run Simple

Customer Snapshot: History

A World Leader in Reinsurance

Being the largest Latin American reinsurance company and one of the largest of the world, IRB Brazil does business in more than 100 countries. The company is headquartered in Rio de Janeiro with registered offices in São Paulo, Buenos Aires, London, and New York. In 2014, for the fourth consecutive year, IRB Brazil was rated excellent (A-) from A.M. Best, the oldest rating agency specialized company in the insurance sector.

Customer Snapshot: Business Model

Ready to Go the Extra Mile

For over 75 years, the company has been helping Brazil to accomplish huge and important projects. And, as the largest Latin American reinsurer, the goal is to do even more, extending experience and credibility to global development. With offices in Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Buenos Aires, London, and New York, IRB Brazil RE has all the conditions to offer, with excellence, reinsurance solutions on five continents.

Customer Snapshot: Success Strategy

With Roots in Brazil, Branching out to People Around the World

Recently the company expanded into the continent of Africa when they acquired 4.8% of the capital of the African Reinsurance Corporation. IRB Brasil RE believes in people and a vision above simply maximizing profits. They are firm believers in social capital which allows for a view that goes beyond company growth and sees the bigger picture. In keeping with that vision, the company strategy in Africa is to take on the reinsuring risks created and generated by African GDP growth. It’s a win-win and culturally IRB Brazil RE feels at home in Africa since according to the company CEO “as Brazilians they are as Latin American as African in descent.”

While it’s clear IRB’s ascendance to a global company is underway, they remain firmly committed to helping their beloved Brazil in that process. Brazilian companies going global helps IRB meet their own goals since their foreign operations also become clients, therefore international revenues increase.
The reinsurance market increased in size from BRL3.2bn to BRL8bn in five years, so it almost doubled. This is a good thing as there is more room for all these people who are coming to Brazil and alternative risk transfer instruments are not in Brazil yet. — Leanardo Andé Paixão, chief executive officer of IRB Brasil Re

The Challenge

A Live Road Map That Leads to Success

The role of IRB Brazil RE has expanded throughout Brazil and into the international landscape to become a structural necessity for organizations that the company supports around the globe. As IRB Brazil RE grew, the company needed to maintain visibility into risk and real-time information, automate processes, and Run Simple with full mobility and cloud computing. It was clear that the company needed to modernize their existing processes and better serve customers in a global landscape, and SAP was the solution that could go the distance.

With the support of the team from SAP MaxAttention, we put together a road map for implementing SAP HANA. We implemented the technology to meet our needs and learned to use it to move us ahead of the entire field to become a global front-runner in the reinsurance business. — Andre Corte, Manager of Business Applications, IRB Brasil RE

Enter SAP

From One ERP Solution to a Complete System-Wide Overhaul

With IRB Brazil’s ERP system already running in the background, expanding the rest of the company to Run Simple with SAP was the next natural step. SAP’s holistic application lifecycle management strategy and best practices support would help lower total cost of operations, intensify system monitoring, and reduce cost of IT ownership by 7%. It would also reduce the number of IT system conflicts by 85%. The company elected to implement an initiative to Run SAP Like a Factory to minimize cost and effort long-term.

What began with one solution quickly became a full-scale implementation.

The initiative included proven methodology and training, system-wide checks and balances, and alerts. A team of experts providing SAP® MaxAttention™ services conducted a series of workshops to gain a thorough understanding of the company’s needs. 

The result: SAP solutions now make up 99% of IRB Brasil RE® applications.

We realized we needed to get a better understanding of our IT landscape and also to empower our internal staff to work much more proactively…SAP delivered a specific roadmap for IRB to help us understand how run like a factory could help us. — Antonio da Torre Marques, IT Manager, IRB Brasil RE

Enter SAP: The SAP Experience

Ongoing Support Through a Novel Approach

The implementation of SAP systems came through on time and within budget with no business disruption. Mobile, cloud-based programs onboarded employees quickly and efficiently as well. The SAP MaxAttention team stuck with IRB Brazil RE from start to finish and beyond, from fact-finding workshops through constant check-ins and monitoring to keep things running smoothly.

SAP MaxAttention was a key success factor for our project. Their ability to address the issues and incidents we faced in the last project weeks by reaching the right people to solve them certainly helped us to go live with no postponements or critical open items. — Alexander Inacio, Manager of SAP SuccessFactors Implementation Project, IRB Brasil RE

Better Business

Reduced Costs and Increased Productivity

IRB Brazil RE supports the backbone of the companies that they serve and SAP supports IRB Brazil. The new implementation has resulted in lower total operation costs. Keeping it all in the cloud eliminated additional installation and core licenses. Teams run more smoothly, system monitors achieve better results, and everyone involved is more well-informed for better decision-making.

Better Business: Benefits

Greater Efficiency on all Fronts

With the SAP Business Warehouse application powered by SAP HANA, the technical team has full visibility into company-wide processes. They are able to identify bottlenecks and inefficient processes and refine those processes to make all areas of the business run more smoothly.

Run Live real-time access ensures everyone, everywhere is getting the same information at the same time.

Better Business: Run Simple

Real-Time, Live, On-Demand Information and Automated Processes
Born from a goal to improve the nation’s economy, IRB Brazil RE has achieved their directive and then some. The company has not only supported the companies of Brazil and the people who they serve, they have also taken their influence into the new millennium with a new technology backbone to support it. IRB Brazil RE now has the capability to provide on-demand information to stakeholders wherever they are based. Employees are better able to get on-board with new systems and processes, as well as collaborate with each other through a safe corporate mobile tool. New processes and updates are also easier to implement thanks to a cloud-based solution.
SAP is now seen as an integral asset to the company and we all count on SAP solutions to help us Run Better. — Antonio da Torre Marques, IT Director, IRB Brasil RE

Journey Ahead

Ready for the International Spotlight

With deeper insight, IRB Brasil RE continues to fulfill their mandate of supporting Brazilian companies domestically and abroad and strengthening the development of Brazil better than ever.

Less time spent crunching data means more time to focus on the future.

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