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SAP Supplier Portal

SAP early payment program powered by Taulia

Our early payment program gives you the ability to accelerate invoices at a favorable discount rate so you can get paid faster and optimize working capital.

At SAP, we're proud of the strong, collaborative relationships we've built with our suppliers, and we're continuously looking for solutions that provide better ways to partner with you. Through the recent acquisition of Taulia, a market-leading provider of invoice, payment, and working capital management solutions, we're pleased to offer SAP suppliers the ability to accelerate payment of approved invoices at a favorable discount rate.

What are the benefits to SAP suppliers?

This program benefits the SAP ecosystem by allowing our suppliers to improve their liquidity through early payment options with predictable off-balance sheet funding.

  • Free up potentially more expensive borrowing lines
  • Reduce your days sales outstanding (DSO) and accounts receivable balance
  • Enjoy visibility of your receivables and flexibility over when payments are made
  • Receive early payment of outstanding invoices as required
  • Access to the program is voluntary and free of charge


Get started

Activate your account

There's no action required until you receive the e-mail invitation to activate your account with Taulia. Once you receive the invitation, account activation is required within 10 business days. After filling out just a few fields, you'll immediately obtain access, and can begin using Taulia.

Get support and training

Taulia has an intuitive and user-friendly interface that allows users to navigate with ease. However, if you do require additional assistance, there are many self-service support and training options, including short how-to videos and descriptive help text on every field.

Process your invoices

As soon as your invoice is approved by SAP, it's visible to you on the platform. You can choose to have approved invoices paid as usual on the due date or request an early payment.

Frequently asked questions

Taulia’s self-service supplier portal provides visibility of approved invoices and the option to initiate early payment upon invoice approval. Benefits include:

  • Free and secure online access
  • Record of payment details and history
  • Option to get paid early on approved invoices

Access to the Taulia platform for SAP suppliers is free. There are no start-up charges or transaction fees for doing business with SAP using the Taulia.

All SAP suppliers are encouraged to adopt and use Taulia. SAP made this investment in order to allow our suppliers control over the timing of the payments. Suppliers  benefit from self-service features offered through the platform, such as visibility of approved invoices and payment remittance details. Suppliers are expected to enroll within 10 days of receive the activation email.

If you are already using Taulia for other customers, you will receive either an invitation email or a confirmation email stating that your existing Taulia account has been updated to include the SAP supplier platform.


If you do receive an enrollment invitation, your accounts can be merged into one.


If you receive a notification email instead of an invitation, you won’t need to enroll again and can use the same login credentials you have been using for your other Taulia account(s).


SAP will appear as a choice in a user-friendly drop-down menu. Regardless of which way you log into your SAP supplier account, the steps are simple and easy to follow. You can also enlist Taulia’s support team to help facilitate the merging process by submitting a ticket at

SAP will be rolling out this service in waves and will inform the suppliers in scope accordingly. Once you have activated your Taulia account, you are ready to begin receiving early payment offers on your eligible and approved invoices.

In order to enroll, you must first activate your account with Taulia. The Taulia invitation will come from sender address and will be sent to your company's primary accounts receivable contact. If you don’t receive an invitation, please contact

For step-by-step instructions for managing your account users in the portal, visit Taulia Support.

No special software is required to use the supplier platform. The most current versions of most standard internet browsers are supported, including:

  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Safari
  • Microsoft Edge

No, there is no impact on how you currently submit invoices. You may be using Taulia to submit invoices with other customers, but we are using functionality strictly for early payment opportunities. The platform does not have any impact or change how suppliers currently transact on any other levels with SAP.

Yes, the Taulia Portal User Guide is available on the Taulia Knowledge Base website.

Yes, there are a number of tutorials for specific actions and functionalities available on the Taulia Knowledge Base website.

Taulia provides visibility of approved invoices and payment details, so most questions on these topics can be answered by logging into the portal. For further assistance, reach out to the appropriate contact:

  • For technical assistance, contact
  • For payment status, contact SAP Accounts Payable via your existing process

The charge for early payment consists of one simple factor: the SAP program margin. Through the program, you are only charged for the number of days financed.

There are no additional fees charged other than the above cost of receiving payment earlier, which will be deducted at the time of making the earlier payment. Use of the platform is free and suppliers can choose to leave the platform or SAP early payment program without any costs.

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