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Inventory Optimization Consulting Services

Set up smarter inventory management – with SAP services and consulting

Improve inventory turnover and drastically reduce storage costs – with inventory optimization services and consulting from SAP. Our experts can help you develop a successful inventory strategy, establish highly effective inventory planning and control, and fine-tune supply chain processes. Take full advantage of SAP software, and use add-on tools from SAP Consulting to optimize inventory management without jeopardizing service.

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Inventory optimization add-on tools from SAP consulting

SAP consulting offers a wide range of SCM add-on tools that can help you improve the sustainability of your inventory management. These tools complete and enhance SAP ERP and SAP APO applications with special functions at a fixed price.

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SAP Consulting Add-On Tools for SAP ECC
Our add-on tools for SAP ECC support standard functions in the following areas: master data management, materials planning, capacity planning, purchasing, SCM controlling, ERP forecasting, inventory controlling, and spare parts planning.
SAP Consulting Add-On Tools for SAP APO
Enhance forecasting within SAP Advanced Planning and Optimization – using our add-on tools. The tools support operational activities as well as forecasting quality, supply network planning, product lifecycle planning, and other SCM-related topics.
Repeatable Custom Solutions for SAP APO
Our repeatable custom solutions (RCS) help customers with specialized business needs support their daily work in SAP APO. They include tools like the Deletion Report, Change Log Monitor, CIF Post-Processing Cockpit, and tools for planning and simulation with SAP Supply Network Planning. RCS are part of the SAP Standard Software Price List.
Consulting Services for SAP Integrated Business Planning
SAP Regression Test Service for SAP Integrated Business Planning

The SAP Regression Test Service for SAP Integrated Business Planning enables you to test your customer-specific configuration efficiently. By using the test service you can reduce the manual test effort that comes along with the quarterly SAP Integrated Business Planning upgrades.

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Assessment services for
inventory optimization

Our on-site assessment services and remote workshops can help you develop an SAP rule set in areas such as inventory forecasting, material requirements planning (MRP), production, and distribution. The rule sets form the basis for inventory optimization – and can help you uncover untapped potential in your business processes.
Inventory Optimization Assessment

With this assessment service, our experts will analyze your current inventory processes and develop a road map with suggested actions for improvement. You’ll receive a prioritized list of recommendations – so you can effectively optimize your organization’s inventory management.

SCM Consulting Assessment Inventory Optimization

Forecast Optimization
Get an expert analysis of your inventory forecasting accuracy – and understand how your current forecasts affect demand planning. With this service, we’ll help you improve forecast accuracy, optimize forecast models, and provide recommendations on how to implement lean demand planning processes.
Material Requirements Planning (MRP) Optimization
Increase the efficiency of your material requirements planning (MRP) processes – with help from this assessment service. Our consultants will conduct an in-depth analysis of your MRP processes and define optimal MRP strategies for high-value materials – so you can reduce inventory levels while retaining a high degree of availability.

SCM Consulting Policy for MRP Optimization

Production Optimization
Find out how you can optimize your company-specific production processes. Get recommendations on how to reduce lead times, improve delivery performance, and rapidly identify missing parts. We’ll show you how you can rectify issues faster, optimize resource availability, better manage product costs, and more.
Distribution Optimization
Get a detailed analysis of your distribution process – and a prioritized list of recommendations for optimizing distribution and reducing costs. Our experts will help you create a successful distribution strategy and refine KPIs for displaying and managing distribution logistics.
KPI Rule Framework for Supply Chain Planning
With this service, our experts will identify and assess KPIs in your inventory-related SCM processes and systems. They’ll define a structured KPI rule framework that can help you achieve inventory optimization and transparency.

Success stories: Hear from our customers

Companies from different industries and geographies are reaching their inventory goals with add-on tools from SAP’s supply chain management (SCM) consulting services. Explore our customer stories and case studies to learn more about the value of the tools. 

Join the SAP Inventory Optimization Academy

The SAP Inventory Optimization Academy makes it easy for customers to exchange information and inventory management best practices. Learn about the platform – and how it can help you stay on top of the latest trends and achieve a perfectly managed inventory. 
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